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American Bald Eagle
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Lion of St. Mark
Portuguese C.o.A.
St. Basil Cathedral



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$551 to $1500
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"We're glad you asked..."

What can you tell me about Distinctive Collections Ltd.?
The company was formed and incorporated in June 2001 and has been developing products since that time. As our name implies, we are committed to superior quality, meticulous detail and, of course, your ultimate satisfaction. Our brooches are travel related so we have named the series (the first of four) TREASURES OF TRAVEL. In addition to brooches for the ladies, we have “Jack-In-The-Box” -- a captivating and masterfully sculpted bronze which is our first offering in a series of three of TIMELESS TREASURES.

What brooches will follow this first series of three and when will they be available?
Series II will consist of: American Eagle/Russian Imperial Eagle/Portuguese Coat of Arms. They will be available early December 2003.

What are the dimensions of the brooches?
Approximately 2” x 2”

What is vermeil (pronounced. vermail)?
Sterling silver with heavy 24K gold plating

What is rhodium?
A member of the platinum family, rhodium produces a bright protective finish on sterling silver and has become increasingly popular in fine jewelry and decorative objects.

What is the difference between 14K and 18K gold?
Gold content: 14K = 58%; 18K = 75%

Why do you offer five different materials and finishes?
To appeal to individual tastes, as well as affordability.

Will any of the finishes tarnish?
All of our products have a protective finish to prevent tarnishing.

What do you recommend for cleaning?
Soft polishing cloth only -- NO CLEANING SOLUTIONS PLEASE.

What sculptures will follow “Jack” and will they be in bronze?
“Ring Dwarfs” (see our Web site -- followed by “Organ Grinder” -- both of which will be cast in bronze, using the lost-wax process.

What are “Jack’s” dimensions?
“Jack” is 7” tall.

Why does “Jack” require ten separate castings?
To capture the complexity and intricate design of this piece: “Jack’s” arms (2), leg, jester hat (3), upper body, base box, box lid and decorative key.

What is lost-wax casting and why are you using that process?
Our method of choice to produce very high relief and exquisite detail, the lost-wax process begins with a front and rear die which is generated from a plaster cast from the original sculptured clay. A wax is produced using the dies. This wax is encapsulated in a ceramic shell; the shell is then fired, melting out the wax, and readied for the pouring of molten bronze metal. After cooling and solidification, the shells are then broken away, exposing the metal (bronze/sterling silver/gold).

What is involved in the manufacturing process?
Beginning with design sketches to create drawing specifications, a clay model is then sculpted in 4:1 scale. See “lost-wax casting” above for details.

What is Standard delivery? (3 - 5 business days)
          Express delivery?
(2 - 3 business days)
          Premium delivery?
(1 - 2 business days)

What is the purpose of the seal?
The seal is an added symbol and assurance of our quality workmanship.

Why is there such a broad price range on the brooches: $75 - $1850?
Price is determined by materials and finishes.

How do you qualify for corporate pricing?
Please speak with a Customer Service Representative.

Are my credit card purchases safe?
Distinctive Collections Ltd. uses the latest encryption technology to protect your credit card information and will never share this information with anyone outside the company. We use VeriSign (where 28% of all e-commerce customers do business) to encrypt your credit card number so that no one else can read it. However, if you prefer not to transmit your credit card information over the internet, simply fill out the order form with all information except the card number and call us toll free at 1-866-496-3500 (or 804-353-3500 outside the U.S. or Canada) with your card information. When you call, we will need:
     Stock number of the item you wish to purchase
     Type of card
     Card number
     Expiration date
     Your full name as it appears on the card
     Whether you wish us to store your card number for future orders

Do you have a privacy policy?

Do you have customer service representation that is easily accessed?
Yes -- 24/7 via toll-free number or Web site.

If I return a package, how soon will the credit be reflected on my credit card and what part of the return cost will be my responsibility?
We give credit the same day we receive your returned product. Shipping and insurance (which we recommend) are the customer’s responsibility.

How do I return merchandise that is defective or not as I expected it to be?
Keep the original packaging materials. CALL US IMMEDIATELY at 1-866-496-3500. In most cases, we can notify the carrier to pick up the package. The customer is responsible for shipping charges, unless the item is defective.

Should I insure return merchandise?

Do you guarantee delivery during holidays?
We will do our best to deliver but, keep in mind, the sooner you place the order, the greater assurance you have that the item is in stock and is deliverable by your requested date.

Will you offer Christmas gift wrapping?
We have a very distinctive signature gift wrap for our products, but we will use holiday paper if you specify.

What is your company mailing address?
Distinctive Collections Ltd.
     4301 Monument Avenue
     Richmond, VA 23230-3822

What methods of shipping do you use, and do you ship internationally?
Federal Express, UPS, Postal Service, International: UPS

What methods of payment do you accept?
Check or money order, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

Where are your products made?
We are proud to say all of our brooches and sculptures are “Made in the U.S.A.”